The International Journal of Pavement Engineering publishes the latest research findings from across the world together with case records of successful (and not-so-successful) usage and performance. All aspects of design, materials, performance, maintenance, testing and rehabilitation are included. Papers cover: practitioners detailed records of construction and performance (case studies); academic research studies; state-of-the-art reviews by invited authors; symposia in print; technical notes (brief papers on one point); and discussion.

Road Materials and Pavement Design is a Journal that offers a platform for the presentation of high level scientific contributions in the areas of Road Materials and Pavement Design. The subjects of interest include mechanical, thermal, chemical and physical properties of Bitumen, Bituminous Mixes, Additives, Cement Concrete, Granular Materials, Soils, Geo-composites and Innovative Materials. Contributions on mix design, soil stabilization, design and modeling of pavement behavior and performance, structural evaluation, stress, strain and thermal characterization and/or calculation, environmental aspects, vehicle-tyre-pavement interaction, climatic effects and numerical and analytical modeling are part of the scope of the Journal.

Geosynthetics International is a peer-reviewed technical journal that publishes technical papers, technical notes, discussions, and book reviews on all topics relevant to geosynthetic materials (including natural fibre products), research, behaviour, performance analysis, testing, design, construction methods, case histories, and field experience. Geosynthetics International is published electronically.

Geotextiles & Geomembranes publishes technical papers technical papers, technical notes, discussion and book reviews on all topics relating to geosynthetics, research, behaviour, performance analysis, testing, design, construction methods, case histories and field experience. The journal strives to provide the authors with quick, constructive reviews and we appreciate the author’s hard work in addressing these comments and quick return of revised papers.

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