Pyrotech Asphalt Equipment Mfg Co Ltd specialises in hot in-place recycling.

Hotplant is a compilation of new and used asphalt construction equipment for sale. This web site is sponsored by a consortium of North America’s largest and most active asphalt equipment dealers.

MPAQ Automation Inc. is a supplier of Automation for Concrete and Asphalt plants with a focus is on developing technologically up-to-date controls for batching and mixing operation.

Pyrotech Asphalt Equipment Mfg Co Ltd manufactures the PYROPAVERâ„¢ series of hot in-place asphalt recycling systems. The latest model, the Pyropaver 300E, not only performs the recycling of asphalt concrete pavements to exacting standards, but incorporates a full emission control system which is a significant new development in the hot in-place recycling industry.