Asphalt Modifiers and Binders

Encon Technologies, Inc. provides asphalt rejuvenating sealers that retard and reverse the aging of asphalt, providing significant economic benefits to pavement owners. Encon offers PDC (Pavement Dressing Conditioner), a patented material designed as a three-in-one treatment for asphalt surfaces.

As a supplier of modifiers, DuPont has detailed performance test results, technical papers and case histories available online. The site includes a description of the reaction that takes place between asphalt and reactive ethylene terpolymer, and compares the resulting binder performance versus binders made with other modifiers. Also included is a brief tutorial on preventing asphalt failures, describing the principal performance contributions of modifiers.

The Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association (AEMA) exists to promote the increased and more efficient use of asphalt emulsions. Since 1973, the Association has served as a forum for discussion, a clearinghouse of information, and a platform of action for the asphalt emulsion industry. Through its meetings, seminars, and publications, AEMA has helped to bring state of the art asphalt emulsion technology to all parts of the world. AEMA is an excellent network for the information exchange and technology transfer among professionals in the highway industry.

Libra Systems is a supplier of automated controls for the asphalt industry.